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Incite change.

We are experts in helping organizations large and small with

Low Code, Automation, and AI

Within the Microsoft ecosystem, you already own everything you need to manage and automate your organization. We'll prove it.
Now make with the scrolling...
Interested in learning low code as a developer?
Check out our sister company, Incite Discovery

Power Platform + Salesforce + Dynamics 365

Modern Low Code Development replaces ALL the software in your organization. It can replace custom applications and purpose-built tools – with something that’s more than the sum of its parts.

Low Code Development


Cloud Financial Systems

The old guard of finance systems are on their last legs. Now is the time to explore the benefits of cloud-based alternatives.

Our sister company Incite Discovery trained our staff on the Power Platform, and they can train you! Jump on over to learn more about their SharePointPower Apps, and Dynamics courses.

Learn and Train with Incite Discovery!
SharePoint + Teams Development

The best content management intranet has finally learned to stay in it’s lane. Instead of attempting to be a jack of all trades, now it is laser focused* on it’s strengths. *Note: SharePoint does not contain lasers.

Getting your organization’s data together in one place is hard enough. Making sense of it is even more challenging. Remove the data warehouse roadblocks.

Business Intelligence

Office 365


Office 365 is quickly transforming not just into the central hub where business gets done, but also into a development platform.

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