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The Power Platform shines at automation, Business Intelligence, and deep integrations with EMRs.
Trust us. Healthcare is our jam.

We've built software with some of the largest and most forward thinking healthcare organizations in the world.

They are super handsome too. (Sorry, some of them still owe us money...)
Most of the Microsoft ecosystem you already own is HIPAA compliant. Let's put it to work!
Wherever you have a gap - let us show you the latest in Automation, AI, and records management.
Business Intelligence and Reporting

We use Power BI and Tableau to unify data across all of your applications. Securely. 

We've partnered with some of the largest healthcare systems in the world - helping run their organizations end to end. 

Can we show you how we've integrated Dynamics 365 with EMRs, or replaced core medical systems outright? No seriously, this isn't rhetorical. Please let us show you!

Customer Service - Above and Beyond
Rapid Form and Intake Creation

You can use what you already own in the Microsoft ecosystem to build HIPAA compliant forms!  Checklists! Other things that necessitate exclamation points!

Use low code tools such as Power Automate and Zapier to create and maintain approval processes throughout your organization. These tools can automate steps along the way (generate a PDF when approved!), send reminders, show the status of every approval, and add follow up tasks and assignments.

Approval Processes 

Let's Schedule a Demo!

Reach out. Let’s pit the leading niche/industry specific options against the best enterprise development platforms. We promise it will be worth your time.

Incite Automation’s staff has been actively involved in replacing or augmenting software in a wide variety of industries and verticals.

It isn’t about industry-specific knowledge anymore. It’s about choosing the right enterprise platform to fit your business processes, and determining the most appropriate go live strategy.

Minimize downtime. Maximize productivity. That’s a successful Incite Automation engagement.

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