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Low Code Platforms

We are here for the organizations that want to automate. For those that want to put AI to work, increase productivity and adapt to what's next.
Organizations that use technology to differentiate - and get ahead.
We've evaluated the top platforms on the market to support businesses large and small. Let's figure out what's best for you!

Salesforce + Dynamics 365 + Power Platform

Can't find the right software to run your organization? That's because you haven't designed it yet.
Using these leading platforms, we can run organizations end to end. Check out the industry section below for some examples... 
Marketing, Resource Management, Patient Onboarding Management, Grant Management … Anything Management

Many are surprised to learn that custom built systems using low code platforms are not only better - they are usually cheaper over a 3 year total cost of ownership as well. The licensing for these platforms are typically several orders of magnitude less expensive than off the shelf products to boot. 

Cheaper Faster Better.

Low Code platforms break down the barriers that exist between departments, inciting synergies in collaboration and autonomy that could have never happened before now.

There are too many features, too many applications for these products for us to even attempt to highlight the benefits to your organization on this web page. Okay, fine … here’s a couple:

It isn’t just about the functionality

Association Management

Associations want to see a holistic view of their members. Events they are attending. Dues they have paid. Surveys members have filled out. Resources they have requested. It’s a complex set of intertwined competencies… yet this entire class of software is being put out to pasture by low code tools.


It’s not the first vertical to fall to these platforms. It certainly won’t be the last.

Scheduling people, places and things (Resources)

Some organizations let their field workers coordinate amongst each other. Others have a main dispatch. Others have both. Not only can they collaborate and get sign-off using these products— every bit of customer information, communication (emails, meetings, etc), and history is available at their fingertips. Oh, and billing happens automatically.

Healthcare + Patient Onboarding

The leading cloud based solutions we offer are HIPAA compliant.


Hospitals, nursing, and extended care facilities all over the country are

increasingly adopting them as the center of collaboration between departments.

Project Management

In our own personal low code solution, we can take in an initial lead, generate quotes and contracts, create project plans, assign consultants, enter time sheets, and invoice our clients. End to end, and everything in between.


Call Centers and Service Centers

The second most out-of-the-box use case for these products.


You’ll be amazed at the integrations between phone, web, text, and email that these systems can provide, not to mention the integrations with your existing technology footprint.

We love exploring the promise and the possibilities these tools can provide. Incite can help you navigate the advantages and disadvantages of each platform, and show you how they will fit into your organization.

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