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Great benefits? How about a four day work week?

Incite Automation is a pioneer in work life balance, which is braggable.

We are always looking for our kind of people. Because our kind of people are hard to find.

Inciters come from different backgrounds, temperaments, disciplines, and levels of experience. Scroll down to see what we all have in common...
Benefits include:
  • Unlimited free water (tap).
  • 36 hour, 4 day work week for in office staff.
  • Charmin Ultra Soft in every bathroom.
  • Earn 5% extra when paid in Kohl's Cash.
  • Retirement matching.
  • Lots of happy hours. Free pinball.

Do you possess these qualities? Congrats. We should talk! 

  • You have a mind for data and object orientation.
    You don’t feel normal unless you are staring at 3rd normal form. All of our employees are wired to hear business requirements and translate them into an Entity Relationship Diagram.

    It’s the fundamental basis for everything we do.

  • The drive and excitement to constantly learn and grow.
    Especially when it comes to new technologies and process.


  • A love of collaboration + communication. Written and verbal.
    We writes and talks very good – and so can you!


  • A genuine desire to balance business goals with your love of technology. We love code as much as the next guy... but we have to nail our budgets and timelines.

  • Moving fast is never fast enough for you. Are you miserable when you are bored? You won’t be miserable here. You’ll be… what’s the opposite of miserable? Not miserable. We push fast and always look for ways to push faster.

  • You care about the big picture as much as the details.

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