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Non-Profit + Associations

Every Non-Profit and Association is unique. Low Code platforms empower them to build solutions that fit like a glove... for pennies on the dollar.

The old guard of non-profit and association software has been replaced. 

Entire classes of software are being made redundant by low code platforms such as Dynamics 365 and Salesforce.
Portals for Members + Volunteers + Grant Management

Use these solutions to build portals that your association members, volunteers, and grant applicants can use to collaborate with you, pay dues, etc. -  seamlessly in one system.

Imagine adding a field in your primary system and it is automatically added to your portal as well! Next... Imagine Dragons! That's a band. Band pun.

Use low code tools such as Power Automate and Zapier to create and maintain approval processes throughout your organization. These tools can automate steps along the way (generate a PDF when approved!), send reminders, show the status of every approval, and add follow up tasks and assignments.

Approval Processes 
SharePoint + Teams Integration

Your content can be seamlessly integrated with SharePoint for content management, and Teams for collaboration throughout the organization. 

You can even use these tools to automatically generate and/or read your content.

These tools can understand the certifications and skillsets required for any assignment, and help you intelligently optimize the right person, for the right job. They can understand geography and geolocation. They can help you route trucks and equipment to the right place, at the right time.


I used the word "right" too much. I just used it again. Dang it.

Coordinate Resources Across the Organization

Let's Schedule a Demo!

Reach out. Let’s pit the leading niche/industry specific options against the best enterprise development platforms. We promise it will be worth your time.

Incite Automation’s staff has been actively involved in replacing or augmenting software in a wide variety of industries and verticals.

It isn’t about industry-specific knowledge anymore. It’s about choosing the right enterprise platform to fit your business processes, and determining the most appropriate go live strategy.

Minimize downtime. Maximize productivity. That’s a successful Incite Automation engagement.

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