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Professional Services

Sales. Marketing. Customer Service. Timesheets. Project and Resource Planning. Invoicing.
You can do all those things in a single platform. Shucks... we do it with ours. 

Microsoft's Power Platform is flexible enough to change with your business - and powerful enough to drive it forward. 

We have a lot of great demonstrations to show you. But our favorite? Is the most simple - we just show the system that runs Incite Automation. After all, we are a professional services company too!
We are super duper proud of the emperor's clothes. (the duper is new for 2024 - it's AI)
Use SharePoint and Power Automate. From Anywhere.

Access your files while on the go... and have the system generate your contracts for you! These tools can help you get organized and automated in ways that your file system never could. 

When we hire a new employee here at IA - these tools automatically generate our paperwork, send it for e-signature, procures licenses and generates onboarding tasks. That's just one braggable example. 

Are you a federal contractor stuck on Deltek or Unanet? We can use these tools to save you money, and put lipstick on those pigs.


These tools can understand the certifications and skillsets required for any assignment, and help you intelligently optimize the right person, for the right project. They can even understand geography and geolocation. Our internal solution can automatically route the right resources, to the right project. Then, as time is entered into timesheets, we automatically burn down the project plan, and can even send invoices.

Coordinate Resources Across the Organization

We use Power BI and Tableau to unify data across all of your applications. You can use these tools to literally ask questions, drill in to find answers, and learn more about your staff, customers, and jobs.


Let us show you some examples! 

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights can go toe to toe with MailChimp and Constant Contact. It can also go toe to toe with HubSpot. Blasphemy?


Let us show you why Customer Insights is a compelling option, and not just because of the price. But also... because of the price. 

By keeping your data in one ERP solution, collaboration and efficiencies soar. Finally, 1+1 = 3. Maybe now I can go back and get partial credit on my 1st grade winter break math exam...

A Truly Game Chaning Marketing Solution - Built In.

Let's Schedule a Demo!

Reach out. Let’s pit the leading niche/industry specific options against the best enterprise development platforms. We promise it will be worth your time.

Incite Automation’s staff has been actively involved in replacing or augmenting software in a wide variety of industries and verticals.

It isn’t about industry-specific knowledge anymore. It’s about choosing the right enterprise platform to fit your business processes, and determining the most appropriate go live strategy.

Minimize downtime. Maximize productivity. That’s a successful Incite Automation engagement.

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