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Financial Solutions

There's only one solution that let's you bring together client outreach, CRM, and operations the way you uniquely do it.
That solution is... The One You Build

Microsoft's Power Platform - a tailored experience for you and your partners.

We've worked with financial advisors, investment firms and M+A organizations large and small. 
The common thread? Everyone does it differently. 
Use these platforms to infuse your systems with your secret sauce - all at a price tag lower than off the shelf options.
Use SharePoint and Power Automate. From Anywhere.

Access your files while on the go... and have the system generate your documentation for you! These tools can help you get organized and automated in ways that your file system never could. 

Send automated messages for approval processes, reminders, automatic document generation, integrations with other systems - you name it!

Want to manage the sports, colleges, and pets important to your clients?

Want to send clients kudos for important dates and milestones? 

Want to streamline onboarding, approvals, and other daily activities?

Want us to stop asking lots of questions? Why? See what we did there? :-) 

Applications and Automations Specific to You

We use Power BI and Tableau to unify data, without a side trip into Excel hell. You can use these tools to literally ask questions, drill in to find answers, and learn more about your investment portfolio and milestones.


Best of all, these solutions can generate AI enabled projections on what's ahead.

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Let's Schedule a Demo!

Reach out. Let’s pit the leading niche/industry specific options against the best enterprise development platforms. We promise it will be worth your time.

Incite Automation’s staff has been actively involved in replacing or augmenting software in a wide variety of industries and verticals.

It isn’t about industry-specific knowledge anymore. It’s about choosing the right enterprise platform to fit your business processes, and determining the most appropriate go live strategy.

Minimize downtime. Maximize productivity. That’s a successful Incite Automation engagement.

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