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AI + Automation is our Jam.

You can't spell Incite Automation without "A" and "I"... or the word... "Automation".
That sounded better in my head.

Power Automate/Logic Apps

Power Automate can integrate any linkable system to any other linkable system. Generate tasks and content, and coordinate approvals. It's our favorite. Also! You probably already own it.
So that's nice.

AI is deeply embedded into Power Automate. Check out some examples below of what it's capable of. Click to see them full size - egad!

Need a document approved, converted to PDF, and moved from OneDrive to your company Intranet?

Power Automate can handle that.

Need alerts sent out, a new record created in your Finance, HR, and service systems, and some document folders created whenever a new client is entered in your system?

Power Automate can handle that.

Want to generate or summarize meeting transcripts, contracts, or depositions, etc. automatically?

Power Automate can handle that.

Need your kids to stop saying they are full when it’s time to eat broccoli, but then they immediately go and ask for Oreos?

Power Automate can’t help you with that.

Copilot studio is here! Imagine hooking YOUR company data into AI.
That sounds fantastic... and terrifying.
Talk to us. We can make it more of the former, and less of the latter. 


With Copilot you can...

Summarize meetings, depositions, customer feedback, research data... anything that is... summarizable.

That's a word I just made up. Try to do that AI!

Find key words and phrases in emails and documents - like product names, dates, people, etc.

Identify the meaning, inference, and attitude in messages, and have the system automatically respond accordingly.


I tried to have it analyze my teenage daughter's attitude. The AI deleted itself.

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