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About Us

Whether Commercial, Federal, Associations, or Non-Profits -
Our partners have one thing in common...

A better solution than off the shelf. 

Our partners learn to wield technology like a weapon - Using it to drive their organizations forward.

By collaborating with Incite Automation, we help them automate error prone busy work, replace outdated solutions, integrate their existing systems together, and gain better insights. 

The best part? We do it using the Microsoft ecosystem you already own.

The future isn't about evaluating software packages - it's about harnessing the platforms you already own to differentiate your organization.

At Incite Automation, we hear it every day:

  • What's the best approval solution for data and content?

  • What should we use to manage our expenses, PTO, and certifications?

  • What should we buy to more effectively collaborate and manage projects?

  • How can we tie all of our industry specific solutions together?

  • Which ERP|Accounting solution should we use?

The list goes on and on, but our answer is always the same:

Use the software you already own to run your organization. It's cheaper. It's faster. It's more flexible. It will save you money and empower you to differentiate.

Then we show them how to unlock all the nascent capabilities in the Microsoft ecosystem. Then they tell their friends and we keep having to get more office space. 

The future of software development belongs to those whose soft skills are as strong as their development skills. It belongs to individuals who balance business need as strongly as they do technical direction. This is our foundation for success.

Educate first, educate often. Our goal is to get these platforms in front of our stakeholders as fast as possible. Literally the week after kickoff, our partners are logging in and collaborating in their solutions with us. The more we get on the same page, the more we are... on the same page. That's not our best sentence - but you get the point.

Consistent communication, both internally and with our partners – are the keys to success. Besides, generating buy in and excitement for the solutions we build is more fun than keeping it all to ourselves anyways!

Incite Automation was founded around a specific culture and thought process:

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