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Cloud Financial Systems

Some accounting solutions are too small.
Others are too big, heavy, and behind the times.

We've got your goldilocks in Business Central. 
It's not just that Business Central has a weird affinity for bears. Dynamics 365 Business Central is the most flexible, cost effective, modern accounting and ERP solution on the market today.
That's why Forrester rated it #1. 

Incite Change

People come to us for Dynamics 365 Business Central Migration for one of three reasons:
1) They've outgrown QuickBooks - and other cloud based accounting systems seem like a quantum leap in price, without the corresponding leap in functionality. 
2) They are currently running Dynamics GP or SL
Those on premises platforms are end-of-life. An upgrade to Business Central and the cloud opens up a new world of possibilities, while removing the pain of upgrades once and for all. 
3) Their large, legacy Sage or SAP implementation is too slow, and expensive.
 Business Central is cheaper, faster, better. 

Now is the time to explore the benefits of cloud-based financial solutions.

Business Central's reporting is integrated with Power BI - the leading Business Intelligence platform on the market. 
Business rules, approvals and automations are intertwined with Power Automate - the leading AI and automation platform.
Integrations with Outlook? SharePoint? Teams? All out of the box.
3rd Parties are increasingly getting on the bandwagon too. Its Shopify integration is second to none. I just checked - a "bandwagon" is like a fancy parade float! Just saved you a Google... you're welcome.

Business Central harnesses the power of the Microsoft ecosystem.

Developers had to create not just a sound financial solution, but ALSO a reporting solution, and ALSO a business rules engine, and ALSO document storage… dashboards, security, and so on and so on…

You can't be the best at everything.
Unless you leverage an entire ecosystem!

The old guard of financial systems had to be everything to everyone.

Business Central leverages the Microsoft Ecosystem for best in class features + functionality

Always evolving. Always improving. Always cutting edge.

Incite Automation has been leveraging these ecosystem solutions since their inception. We understand how to integrate them together. Better than anyone.

The Finance department’s data isn’t available to any other department. Any other department’s data isn’t available to Finance. Breaking down these barriers is critical in today’s landscape of ever-increasing optimization.

Data sharing between departments (with proper security implemented) opens up a vast array of new possibilities.

Speaking of opening up new possibilities…

It’s time to break down the barriers between Finance and everyone else.

Imagine Fulfillment being able to change approach or halt work – because the system informed them in real time that a client is over 60 days past due. Not a simple email alert or report … but an actual integrations between departments.

Imagine operations being able to prepare — knowing that an influx of new business is incoming from Sales.

Finance working together with other departments. Bananas.

It opens up new possibilities.

Yes, it really is much more cost effective. A simple monthly fee replaces the cost of the software license, as well as the servers, and server upgrades, and server maintenance, and server backups, and server downtime, and associated labor, and server server server…

A single monthly fee does it all — it even covers future upgrades. All for about the same monthly price as QuickBooks online.

It’s cost effective... faster... better.

Access from anywhere

VPNs and installing software on your desktop are remnants of the past.

Cloud-based financial systems offer full access from anywhere. And not a subset of functionality either — this goes beyond a canned report emailed to you, beyond reading a few key metrics on your phone.

You can actually use the full-blown capabilities of these cloud-based systems at home. Or on your phone. Or on your phone during Robbie’s T-ball practice. How is Robbie missing the ball? It’s not even moving!

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