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The Office 365 Ecosystem Incites Integration

With SharePoint|Teams & the AI capabilities of the Power Platform - you can support mission critical tasks. All by using software you already own.

If your tech stack was the food pyramid - SharePoint would be vegetables.

At it's core, SharePoint is an intranet, a place to store content (files), and a lightweight database.

By blending these features together, we get a product that is far more than the sum of it's parts. 
So eat up - SharePoint is good for you! 
And if you don't like it, just treat it like other veggies and put some ranch dressing on it...

If you are just schlepping around files and folders, you aren't SharePointing with the cool kids. Do cool kids even eat vegetables? They probably do, but call it something different... like "rockin a green stack", or "Bussin them plant vibes." I don't know. I'm old now.

With SharePoint - we can automate tasks, send reminders, and manage approvals. All while giving users new ways to find, filter, and organize their information. Reach out to us today and schedule a demo to see everything SharePoint has to offer. 

Group, sort, filter, and discover documents without navigating a huge folder structure. 

Send alerts, collaborate with external parties, and just... generally... you know... get out of email purgatory.

With SharePoint you can...

Use SharePoint Syntex to automatically generate documents, and automatically read documents.

Come see a demo!

Build databases that treat documents and other digital content at the same level of importance as data.

We defy you to find a product better at this.


Look at us... inciting and defying!

Our parents would be so proud!

Teams isn't just some Zoom competitor. It's an aggregator for all the software in your organization. Here at Incite Automation, we access all of our conversations, files, meeting notes, and even other software applications using Teams.
Let explore how to put Teams to work - so your... Teams... can get to... work. Dang it.

Use Teams to bring it all together

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